Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Green or Go Home....

I am BIG on recycling!

(unfortunately, I can't say I have recycled boys...)

For those of you who don't know Earth Day is on April 22nd (I am sure that day's blog will be all about it and leading up to it I will blog about it - just like today).  I am a devote recycler.  I do my best to recycle all paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, etc that I would like to "trash".  Techincally, our recycables should be much larger than our garbage!  I also use reuseable bags when I go shopping.  I have no desire to use nor waste those plastic bags (that is just bag for the environment).  However, if you do find yourself with a mound of shopping bags you can recycle them at your closet supermaket (most locations have a receptcale at the enterance/exit).  Also, there are a handful of grocery stores and superstores (Target, etc) will credit you 5 cents per reuseable bag!  Who knew saving the Earth could also pay back!!!!

I was just browsing Real Simple Magazine's website (who's motto is: life made easier, every day) and came across a useful article on What You Can Recycle (for those of you who are beginners to the recycling world) and How to Recycle Anything.  If you have time check it out!

Don't forget to plan something on the 22nd to celebrate Earth Day!  I once had all my co-workers donate a dollar which we donated (ended up planting 22 trees) and clean up our parking lot (which was a total mess at the time).  Remember the smallest thing can make a huge difference!!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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