Saturday, August 13, 2011

Follow your heart

Home is where the heart is and some people leave their hearts behind inorder to create a "life" for themselves.  Ms. Liz Giordano knows this first hand - luckily she learned to eventually follow her heart and not her head.

Liz graduated in 2010 from Rhode Island School of Design with her bachelors in Apparel Design.  With her passion for fashion and her love for designing bridal gowns, Liz left her family behind in Boston to create a career for herself in The Big Apple.  She landed a job as a bridal sales assistant in the wholesale department at Priscilla of Boston (this is where we met) even though it was not a "creative" job that she had hoped for, she told herself she had her foot in the door and honestly that is all that matter at the time.

As time slowly began to pass Liz realized that the job was not the right fit for her, even though she created many wonderful relationships between her co-workers and her bridal accounts.  She was uable to express herself creatively and felt that she was not putting her hard earned degree to work. 

In March of 2011 she was offered to take a position (the job I was leaving behind) within the product development department.  It would make her another step closer to the creative aspect of the company.  After some thought she knew that the job would not give her happiness she was seeking and would just pile on more stress. Plus, she was not sure how long she wanted to stay "here" (the city that is).

I have failed to mention that Liz not only left her tightly knitted family behind in Boston, but her love interest, her boyfriend, Brett.  She did her best with keeping the flame alive within their relationship, but truth be told she would have much rather been living closer to him.

Liz began to resent to city.  She realized that she was only living here to work in order to get a pay check...
On the 27th of July, Liz found herself at her desk crying, due to her unhappiness, at 9:30 in the morning.  Within just a few short hours and a few conversations with the parentals she walked into her boss's office and quit her job.  She told me when she was giving her noticed it felt like an enormous weight was lifted off of her shoulders and she felt whole again.

Liz's last day in the city is August 31st, her lease on her apartment is up (talk about perfect timing!).  Many of her "city" friends are sad to see her go (including me), but are happy for her now that she is happy.  She will begin her new adventure in Boston - unsure what the future may bring, but she is not worried since she will now be home.

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