Monday, January 24, 2011

Do You Have Positive Energy?

According to a little quiz I found through my google search I have 89% positive energy.  My results are the following:

Your positivity score is 89%. You are really getting the hand of putting negativity behind you as you are able to enjoy the gift of positive energy flowing in your life. Click on the link below to start reading Dr. Orloff's strategies for creating even more positive energy in your life.
(I'll admit it I didn't click on the link)

What about you? Do you think you have positive energy?  Why not take the test?

Remember the craze in 2006 when The Secret came out (there is no denying it here I have both the book and the DVD).  The book reveals how you can change every aspect of your life.  It teaches you that everything is possible.  There are no limits.  Whatever it is you dream it can be yours, when you use The Secret.  However, you can be the judge of that.  It is worth watching the DVD (I had a hard time reading the book).  Let me know if you want to borrow either of them!

Below are a few examples of when you emit positive and negative energy:

You're emitting positive energy when you:

  1. Stay in touch with your dark side and weaknesses, and are willing to grow towards healing and strength. Positive energy is about movement.
  2. See the positive qualities in other people. Positive energy values other positive qualities.
  3. Feel compassion towards yourself and the world (we're all doing the best we can!)
  4. Listen to – and try to understand – other perspectives, regardless of how different. Positive energy is open minded.
  5. Give the benefit of the doubt. Positive people don't judge quickly.
  6. Express your true self in thoughts and actions, gently and honestly (and free others to do the same!). Positive energy is honest.
  7. Share your negative thoughts and emotions. Positive energy admits the negative.
  8. Celebrate the success and happiness of other people. Positive energy appreciates success.
  9. Feel fear and defeat, and keep persevering anyway. Positive energy doesn't deny negative emotions.
  10. Follow your dreams and desires

You're not emitting positive energy when you:

  1. Ignore your dark side and weaknesses (and then act them out). Negative energy isn't honest.
  2. Focus on other people's mistakes and weaknesses. Negative energy is critical.
  3. Obsess about being perfect; whether it's at work, at home, or with your appearance (or other people's!). Negative energy strives for perfection.
  4. Try to change other people's perspectives and opinions. Negative energy wants everyone to be of one mind.
  5. Try to please people constantly and ignore your own needs. Negative energy isn't balanced.
  6. Let other people's moods and energy dictate your own.
  7. Swallow your negative thoughts and emotions.
  8. Resent the successes and joys of others. Negative energy is jealous.
  9. Allow fear and cynicism to harden your heart and color your perspective. Negative energy revolves around fear and bitterness.
  10. Ignore your goals, plans, and passions. Negative energy suffocates your dreams

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