Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Holding someone's hand is a powerful emotional act that is so simple to do!  It can symbolize many things; strength, support, connection, togetherness, affection, protection, guiding, it can express friendship or love....
Do you know that in Arab countries, Africa, and some parts of Aisia men and/or boys hold hands which is a sign of rescpect and friendship.


The human hand is one of the most amazing parts of our bodies. Think of the things you’ve touched with your hands, all the things you have made… There are so many things we have held in our hands, from car keys to cell phones to flowers. Even now as I’m typing this on my keyboard I am using my hands. (Obviously!)

Today, why don't you to hold someone’s hand. You don’t have to hold it for very long, just for a few minutes. You can hold anyone’s hand: the hand of a child, the hand of a friend, your partner, your neighbor, maybe even a stranger you barely know!


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  1. Sooooo utterly shocked you did not put the picture of us holding hands on this post :) Awe, I love my wifey.